mercredi 6 décembre 2006

Washing II. Cochin

Washing. Cochin

The two boys had to wash all the tableclothes of a restaurant, I suppose. Not any soap, only salt water and dried by the sun; in the background, a chinese net.

Chinese nets. Cochin

India. Cochin

The cargo India, seen from the chinese nets.

Sisters. Cochin

Don't need no bus, they live in front of the school.

Sentence. Cochin

In Cochin are many christian schools; on the walls some sentences you are supposed to follow...

Bye bye. Cochin

Three friends. Cochin

After scool. Cochin

Hands. Cochin

A lot of fun. Cochin

In the rickshaw, they come back home...

Colors. cochin

Trio. Cochin

Bazar street. cochin

Many trucks are waiting, in front of the groceries, a quiet moment for theese men, waiting the coming back of the porters.

Ginger. Cochin

Ginger is drying by the sun, this man removes it for a better drying process.

mardi 5 décembre 2006

The wall. Cochin

Old synagogue

In the jewesh area, but they are almost all gone now.

Umbrellas. Cochin

Many umbrellas in Cochin , for the sun; in Tamil nadu it was for the monsoon...

Trader's shops. Cochin

Old colonial stores.

Onions. Cochin

Bazar street...

Trader. Cochin

Porters. Cochin

Bazar street is very busy, many tradre's shops : spices, rices, grains...

Washing. Fort Cochin

washing the bowls, they were full of cuttlefishes; behing the chinese nets in action.

Family. Fort Cochin

Evening time, when many people meet on the beach.

Hands. Fort Cochin

Evening time on the beach....

Cargo. Fort Cochin

lundi 4 décembre 2006

Chinese net and boats. Cochin

Ernakulam is the modern harbour of Cochin; many boats come here.
The small one is a ferry.

Going back. Cochin

The net is back in the sea, the man goes back to the beach, not the crow...want to be the first to catch the next fishes...

The man and the crows. Cochin

To put the netback in the sea, a man have to walk on the trunk and help this action by his weight, don't think the crows weight is important here...

The fishermen and the crow. cochin

The crows are always watching, to get some fishes in the net...

Chinese nets. Cochin

Funny girls IV. Cochin

Funny girls III. Cochin

Funny girls II. Cochin

Funny girls I. Cochin

Girls. Cochin

In the popular area of Cochin, they have a lot of fun!

Coming back. Cochin

A good fishing party. Cochin

Chat. Cochin

Friends. Cochin

The beach of fort cochin when many people meet, especially in the evening...

dimanche 3 décembre 2006

Tata tea. Munnar

The famous Tata tea...Tata is also the owner of Tata vehicles and many big societies; he is a very famous man in India.

Steps to heaven??? Munnar

Sunsetting light. Munnar

Going to church...

Actress. Munnar

She is a famous actress of Bollywood, here painted on a shop, in Munnar.

A nice girl. Old Munnar

Sitting. Old Munnar

While the musicians are playing, people are sitting in the surroundings, waiting for the following part of the ceremony, old and yound together...

Earings. Old Munnar

This grandma wear very heavy earings...

Funeral. Old Munnar

During a walk, I hear some percussion music, and going up to this village on a hill, i am in a funeral ceremony; stupidely i left my recorder in my room this morning, considering I would not need it for a walk in the plantations.Nice people who invite me to stay...The village is the property of the plantations society

Waiting. Old Munnar

I spent a moment with theese women, all adorable, a nice recall...